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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Brunswick C System 4.5 Bowling Ball

CFT v4.5 is the next progression in Chemical Friction Technology. The CFT v4.5 coverstock has a lower friction factor than CFT 3.5 which improves length through the heads and mid-lane withoutsacrificing the quick response and improved traction on the back-end.The new I - Block Symmetric core was created by modifying the original asymmetric I - Block core (which has a symmetric base and an asymmetric flip block) to have an asymmetric base. By creating an asymmetric base with an asymmetric flip block on perpendicular axes the two asymmetries cancel each other out making the core shape symmetric. The core shape was also thinned and stretched to increase the RG min while maintaining the overall differential.With its Rough Buff finish, the C•(System) v4.5 will offer a lower friction factor with similar response time to friction alternative to the C•(System) 3.5. The new C•(System) v4.5 is best used on medium to oily lane conditions when you need to use a breakpoint further down the lane with a quick response motion to increase pin carry.The C•(System) v4.5 can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for symmetric bowling balls.The unique core shape of each Brunswick ball is used for weights from 14 to 16 pounds. This approach to lightweight ball engineering provides bowlers with consistent ball reaction characteristics across this weight range. The same drilling instructions can be used for 12- and 13-pound balls. This is because Brunswick uses a generic core shape with an RG differential that is close enough to the 14-16 pound shape.

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