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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Storm Optimus Solid

List Price:$219.95
Price:$149.95 - $152.93

Description:  The Storm Optimus Solid was designed to handle oil.  The superb traction provided by the 2000-grit R2X shell help bite through the oil and paired with the Tri-Sphere core this ball offers the reaction that the Optimus is known for. Coverstock:  R2X Solid Reactive Weight Block:  Tri-Sphere Core (Light Weight Block: Modified Centripetal Core) Factory Finish:  2000 grit Pad Color:  Red/Navy/Yellow RG:  2.48 (15# ball) Diff.:  0.048 (15# ball) Recommended Lane Condition:  Medium-Heavy Oil Fragrance:  Cranberry Craze

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