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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Motiv Primal TV4 Bowling Ball

List Price:$269.95

CONDITION: MEDIUM TO HEAVY OILThe MOTIVPrimal™ TV4 is the instinctive weapon for medium to heavy oil. It features the latest coverstock technology from MOTIV. This ball is not recommended for a dry lane surface.The proven Thrust™ core is at the heart of the Primal™. It provides length and strong backend continuation. This compliments the coverstock incredibly well.The skin on the Primal™ TV4 is the new Vicious™ Pearl Reactive. It claws through oil carrydown for a strong and consistent backend reaction.The Primal™ TV4 is sanded to 2000 at the factory and then brought to a luster with MOTIV Power Gel® Polish. This gives you length and an aggressive backend with continuation. The Reverb™ outer core of the Primal is a low-density polyester resin with pin piercing hardness and strength. Rather than absorb impact energy, this outer core reverberates energy as it explodes through the pins. The Primal™ features the most visually impactful NeoMark graphic yet. And, as with all NeoMark graphics, the logo is actually part of the coverstock so it can be sanded, polished, or tuned just like any other performance ball.

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info :-

How can i find the high performance bowling ball ?

The world of high performance bowling balls can be confusing. After all, the slightest variations between balls or how they are drilled can greatly affect the final score of a game.How can i find the high performance bowling ball ?

It depends on your style for starters. You need to find a ball that best matches the way you bowl. Do you consider yourself a cranker, a tweener, or a stroker? Do you like to play outside and throw more of a straight shot or do you move to the deep inside line and hook it a lot? Do you bowl on drier lanes or heavier oil?

I would start with your local pro shop inside your bowling house. Have the "pro" watch you throw a few shots with the ball you currently use. He'll get an idea of your style, speed, and the amount of "revs" that you put on the ball. From there, he will be able to make a ball recommendation based on what he sees.

I'll give you a couple of options.

Ebonite Game Plan.......good ball for a medium lane to medium heavy oil and drier lane conditions with higher polish. The Game Plan will give you good length and a smooth strong continuation on the back-end making this ball good for most house shots and even sports league shots. Very good ball.

Storm Anarchy - it's a very aggressive ball and will cut through the heavier oil that you'll tend to find on a Sport pattern. If you are newer to bowling, I wouldn't recommend it because you'll have trouble controlling it. If you are a seasoned bowler and If you like to stand way left (for righties) and hook it a lot, this ball is a must have. If you are new to bowling, I would go for something a little weaker and work your way up. This ball is an absolute beast. It will come back from a miss right and hit the pocket like a freight train.

I am more of a stroker, and throw about 14 mph. I just got the Hammer Jigsaw Trap (after throwing Storm for many years) and it has a very nice "skid/snap". It doesn't hook too early, gets down the lane and hits the pocket like a truck. I bowl on medium/heavy oil and it's perfect for that.

-John Gordon
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