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Friday, 21 January 2011

Brunswick C-System 3.5 Bowling Bal

 CFT 3.5 is the next evolution in Chemical Friction Technology. The CFT 3.5 coverstock has a higher friction factor than the original CFT 2.5, which quickens the response time, improves down lane traction and increases the overall hook.The proven two-component asymmetrical I-Block core enhances the CFT 3.5 coverstock to create maximum forgiveness, strong entry angles along with versatile drilling layouts.Ball Motion: With its 4000-grit micro pad finish, the C·(System) 3.5 offers a higher friction factor and increased response time to friction alternative than the original C·(System) 2.5. The new C·(System) 3.5 is best used on medium-oily to oily lane conditions when a quicker response motion is needed to increase entry angle to the pocket. Reaction Setup: The C·(System) 3.5 can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for asymmetric bowling balls. Please visit to view the drilling instructions for specific reaction characteristics and layout details.Coverstock: CFT 3.5 ReactivePurple / Yellow Hardness: 75-76 Factory Finish: 4000-Grit Micro Pad Asymmetrical Core RG-max: 2.570 RG-int: 2.553 RG-min: 2.520 RG-diff: 0.050 RG-asym: 0.017 Average RG: 4.4 of 10Hook Potential 170 Length 100 Breakpoint Shape 95

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