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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Roto Grip Defiant Edge Bowling Ball

List Price:$269.95
Price:$154.95 - $166.00

Featuring the same technological advancement found in the Defiant, the unique elliptical shape of the Paragon core defines predictability of axis migration and allows you to perfectly match up your ball reaction to the condition at hand.The MicroBite pearl reactive coverstock uses extremely small structured additives to help smooth the transitions while maintaining entry angle at the pocket. This helps you create better pin action while reducing oil sensitivity that can send your ball through the break point.The new Defiant Edge is the ideal complement to the original Defiant, providing the perfect combination of skid-hook-roll even on medium-heavy oil. Be sure to keep your original Defiant on hand for those heavy oil situations.Coverstock: MicroBite Pearl Reactive Weight Block: Paragon Core (14-16 pounds) Ball Color: Red/Black/Electric Blue Ball Finish: 1500-grit Polished RG Differential: 16lbs-.052, 15lbs-.054, 14lbs-.053 RG Average: 16lbs-2.49, 15lbs-2.49, 14lbs-2.52 Flare Potential: 7 inches Plus (High) Recommended Lane Conditions: Medium/Heavy Oil

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