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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Storm IQ Bowling Ball

 List Price:$259.95
      Price:$142.95 - $147.70

The Master line is built for those trying to master their craft. Truly some of the strongest symmetrical balls on the market today, price equaling performance really does mean something to us at Storm. You have probably noticed, too, the enormous number of professionals putting their faith in Storm. The Marvel Pearl has been one of those balls that has really taken off on the pro ranks, and the new IQ will utilize some of the same technologies while incorporating newer ones as well. After all, Storm is the bowling innovation company and is, once again, ready to prove it here.When considering a ball for heavier oil, you need to look for strong coverstocks and weight blocks, or cores, that are ready to cut through oil and help you get not only to the pocket but through the pins. The new IQ is that ball! With an amped up new PFT (Progressive Friction Technology) coverstock and dynamic Centripetal core, the IQ is sure to turn some heads. The Centripetal cores symmetrical shape provides countless drilling options. This fast-revving core produces 6 inches or more of flare and is designed to benefit players of all skill levels. Prepped with a textured 3000-grit Abralon finish, the IQ's PFT coverstock emphasizes the break point angle as it grips the dry boards like no other. You may know that coverstocks come in a variety of levels of aggressiveness, and this one is sure to be an industry leader when it comes to performance.COLOR: Red/Indigo/Purple  COVERSTOCK: PFT - Progressive Friction Technology Solid Reactive CORE: Centripetal FACTORY FINISH: 3000-grit Abralon FRAGRANCE: Cherry RECOMMENED LANE CONDITION: Medium-Heavy Oil RG: 16lbs-2.48, 15lbs-2.48, 14lbs-2.53, 13lbs-2.59, 12lbs-2.65 DIFFERENTIAL: 16lbs-.052, 15lbs-.050, 14lbs-.049, 13lbs-.045, 12lbs-.035 Storm IQ and IQ Tour Ball Reaction Video Below

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