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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Storm Crossroad Bowling Ball

List Price:$199.95

The R2S hybrid reactive coverstock works well on many lane conditions, and the inverted Fe3 technology weight block utilizes a larger mass to increase dynamics. Prepped with a 1500-grit polished finish, the Crossroad is sure to skid through even the most hooking heads. With major victories ranging from the PBA tour to international championships, the Hy-Road has won the world over. It's been so popular that it has now made the catalog four straight years; something rarely seen anymore! When the Victory Road was introduced earlier this year, it quickly proved to be a terrific complement and follow up to its predecessor. With an R2S pearl reactive coverstock, the Victory Road floats through the heads and glides easily to the break point before unleashing towards the pocket. The intent of the new Crossroad is to identify the best components of these two champions and combine them, creating a new superpower in the bowling world. The number one factor of ball motion is coverstock. So, when we are looking to expand upon the Victory Road with the proven components of the Hy-Road, we first started with the R2S hybrid reactive shell that seemed to match up on every lane condition imaginable. Finished to 1500-grit as well, the new Crossroad is sure to skid through even the most hooking heads around. But if your speed is higher and the heads are slick, you can still adjust the surface texture easily as R2S is one of the most versatile coverstocks on the market. Encasing the Hy-Road shell around the Victory Road's Inverted Fe3 Technology weight block gave us the best of both worlds. The advancements made in Fe3 allowed us to utilize a larger mass to increase the dynamics, upping the differential approximately 15% in the 15 pounders. More differential equals more flare, and you can control the amount of flare with the proper layout.

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