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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Roto Grip Critical Theory Bowling Ball

price: $134.95

The Triliptic core helps the ball get in to a roll simpler due to the additional contours & elongation of the ellipses within the shape of the weight block. With the Critical Theory, Storm is expanding the Theory series with its first pearl Insight coverstock. Designed to maximize dry lane traction, this shell will help increase your entry angle & sharpen your break point, all in an work to help you strike more! Testing proved that the Critical Theory created the most entry angle in the whole product line. Its textured 4000-grit surface increases the Ra value, minimizes oil sensitivity, at the finish of the oil pattern, & maximizes your bowling enjoyment. Wrap the new textured pearl Insight cover around the high-torque, asymmetrical Triliptic core & you have some horsepower. Coverstock: Insight Pearl Reactive Weight Block: Triliptic Core (14-16 lbs), Modified Triliptic Core (12-13 lbs) Ball Color: Cherry/White/Obsidian Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Oil Ball Finish: 4000-grit Abralon Flare Potential: 7+ inches RG: 16#-2.49, 15#-2.49, 14#-2.54, 13#-2.57, 12#-2.59 RG Differential: 16#-0.051, 15#-0.058, 14#-0.049, 13#-0.032, 12#-0.029

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