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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Elite Black Alien Bowling Ball

List Price:$329.99

Elite Alien T-Shirt by Bowlerstore (X-Large)The Black Alien has landed and it's darker and meaner than ever! With a great backend and superior versatility, it will sure make your human friends jealous. Its no frills jet black finish tells the world you mean business. Why settle for Ordinary when you can Extraordinary. Core: Capsule Core Coverstock: E73 ReactiveColor: BlackBall Finish: 1000 AbralonRG: (16# 2.483) (15# 2.504) (14# 2.518)Diff: (16# 0.055) (15# 0.055) (14# 0.055)Hook Potential: HighLane Conditions: Heavy Oil

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