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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Storm Natural Pearl


The best bowling ball Color: Black Pearl Coverstock: U2S Pearl Urethane Weight Block: Turbine Ball Finish: 4000-Abralon Flare Potential: 3â-4â (Medium) RG: 16#-2.53, 15#-2.55, 14#-2.58 Diff: 16#-.040, 15#-.038, 14#-.035 Recommend Lane Conditions: Dry Description: You probably saw the success of the original Natural on the PBA tour this past season. What you might not have noticed was, at the same time, how popular it was throughout international competitions around the world. So it only made sense to release a pearl version of the ball which took the bowling world by Storm!The U2S pearl urethane coversock is a modern generation form of the original urethane made popular in the 80s. What once was used to create more hook and friction as it developed out of the polyester era, urethane has the ability to tame overreacting backends without sacrificing hitting power, or coefficient of restitution.And if youve ever doubted the hitting power of the Natural, just ask Rhino Page who is the reigning Viper Pattern champion on the PBA tour. Try one today. Youll become a believer.

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