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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hardcore Hammer Brawl Bowling Ball

List Price:$169.95

Get hardcore with the brawl! Hardcore Hammer Brawl features the same great core shape as the grind, with our aggressive Violent Flip Reactive™ coverstock to give you medium hook with continuous backend on medium oil lane conditions. COLOR: Black/VioletCOVERSTOCK: Violent Flip Reactive™CORE: Bullet CoreFACTORY FINISH 800/1000/2000/2000BEST LANE CONDITION Medium OilRG / DIFFERENTIAL#10 RG (2.72) Diff (.031)#11 RG (2.62) Diff (.031)#12 RG (2.60) Diff (.039)#13 RG (2.53) Diff (.055)#14 RG (2.58) Diff (.047)#15 RG (2.56) Diff (.045)#16 RG (2.57) Diff (.029)

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