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Friday, 28 January 2011

Griips Glove Chrome Medium


Finger Tips * Revolutionary design provides stability and comfort to fingers * Provides a consistent feel from ball to ball when matching up to changing lane conditions * Uniquely designed for maximum ball control, resulting in a higher rev rate and scoring potential * Completely protects fingers from swelling, burn marks, blisters and torn nails over thousands of shots Finger Shafts * Patented, advanced, V-shape design prevents perspiration build-up, allowing inserted fingers to "breathe" Glove Strap * Removable strap secures from either direction for maximum control and preference Back of Glove * Thin enough to fit comfortably under most "bionic arm" and wrist support devises Glove Palm * Grip surface palm pad positions ball at optimum tilt for maximum ball control A bowling ball in your hand is not enough. Seven effective, must have tools in the competitive bowler's toolbox includes: 1. Ball arsenal 2. Good pair of bowling shoes 3. Talent 4, Knowledge of game 5. Ability to quickly adjust to changing lane conditions 6. Lots of practice 7. Strong mental game However, the most effective weapons of the competitive bowler has to be: ? The two fingers placed in the ball The hard reality is the sum of all of your knowledge, talent, equipment selection and practice hinges on what these two fingers deliver on each and every shot. If you don't have maximum and consistent control of the ball throughout your approach, you're not bowling up to your full potential! Period! Either you're coming through the ball clean on every single shot or... you're not. There is no in-between! For bowlers not satisfied with... "most of the time". Why trust your fingers to "chance"?

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